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Meaningful Inclusive Care

Eden Early Learning Academy

At Eden Early Learning Academy, our aim is to offer early support to children facing developmental and physical challenges. Through a variety of methods, therapies, and inclusive activities, we strive to enhance learning outcomes and promote understanding and acceptance of unique abilities.

Boy Playing with Blocks

"Early intervention in special education can improve developmental trajectories for children with disabilities and improve outcomes with regard to health; language; and cognitive, social, and emotional development. It can also help families care for their children, advocate for services, and gain access to systems of support"

The Importance of Early Intervention in Education

Developmental Facts

  • Approximately one out of every six children in the U.S. faces a developmental disability or a disabling behavioral problem. Yet fewer than 50% of these children are identified before they start school.

  • One in three infants and toddlers who received early intervention services did not later require special education in preschool.

  • A study of the cumulative costs of special education from birth to 18 years found that intervention starting at birth resulted in lower expenditures over the course of childhood. Total costs of services begun at birth were $37,273 compared with a total cost of $53,340 if services were not started until age six.

Benefits of Inclusive Childcare

Inclusive child care can be beneficial, both for the child with a special need and for the other children in the inclusion classroom. Some of the benefits of inclusive child care for children with special needs include:

  • Chances to learn by observing and interacting with other children of similar ages.

  • Time and support to build relationships with other children.

  • Chances to practice social skills in real-world situations.

  • Exposure to a wider variety of challenging activities.

  • Opportunities to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment.

  • Chances to build relationships with caring adults other than parents.


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